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4002 California St San Francisco, CA 94118

Dr. Latimer offers a free fifteen minute consultation over the phone or in person regarding any back or joint problems  you may be experiencing.  Just call the office and we will set up the time for your consultation.  If you decided to receive treatment after the complimentary consultation, there will be a nominal fee for the examination and treatment.  If you have insurance which covers chiropractic care, your insurance may pay for part or all of the examination and treatment.  If you like, you may give your insurance information to Vianney or Ramon, and they will check your chiropractic benefits prior to your consultation.  Please be assured that at no time during your complimentary consultation will you experience any "sales pressure" to accept chiropractic treatment. 

Dr. Latimer has found in his thrity years of experience that imbalances in the feet can cause problems all the way up your spine.  Your feet are your foundation.  Many times, imbalances in the feet contribute to low back pain or other problems.

Dr. Latimer has a state of the art digital foot scanner at both offices.  A digital foot scan, which is then converted to an image by special software, gives a visual representation of any weight imbalances in the foot.  There are actually three arches in the foot, and an imbalance in any one of these arches can cause not only foot and ankle pain, but can result in postural imbalances, which can effect the lower back and even the mid back and neck. 

If you would like a free digital foot scan, please call our office today.  The scan is painless and takes only a few minutes.  Dr. Latimer will then go over the results of the scan with you and make any recommendations he feels are necessary, such as custom arch supports or orthotics, footware, or in rare cases referral to a specialist.

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